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Group Annotation


Keith= KA
, Jason J,

Grandmother (AM)
's Blanket
By Ann Murray Smith

Grandmother's Blanket holds the sweet smell of sage (AM)LINK
(AM: Sage is used to cleanse and for medicinal purposes in Native American tradition)
(AC: I don’t know what sage smells like) (KA: I think the blanket might hold the smell of sage since sage can be used for medical purposes like said above. It might be a way to show the blanket has protective properties.)
Woven Video* by enchantment, as the Spirits feel no rage. (AM: Sage/Rage examples of end rhyme...Also the poem is made of couplets)(AC: “Spirts” is capitalized… in reverence, like a God? So is Grandmother and Blankets) (KA: This blanket is looking less and less like a normal blanket. It is given super natural properties)
Trimmed in eyelet shadows, cast into the snow.
(AC: maybe this means: dark circles on a white background?)
Tumbleweeds and deserts PIC* She traveled(AM) long ago.
(AM: Setting, Could "traveled" refer to the Trail of Tears?)
The threads are Her wisdom She passes on to you,(KA: We are looking towards the future now. All these memories in the blanket will live on in the children)
Reflections wrap around us, as if we always knew.
(AC: At this sentence the speaker changes from YOU to WE)
The patchwork shows directions North, East, South, West **PIC***The needle points the way so we know when to rest.(KA: With the guidance and wisdom of the wise grandmother, the people are able to live safe)
(AC: I understand the needle telling you which way to go, but not how it can tell you it’s time to rest)(AM: The needle is used as a reference to direction/astrology. When a Native American dies it is believed that their spirit passes through the Milky Way. Star quilts are also given as Memorial Gifts to remember the deceased. I think that "rest" might be in reference to dying. LINK)
Grandmother's Blanket holds the soft warmth of down
(AC: I think the blanket is a symbol for Grandmother’s life)(AM: I agree that the blanket is a symbol for the Grandmothers life/Experiences)
From fine-feathered friends and foliage all around. (AM: Another reference to Nature)
Covered by a breeze and a soft summer rain
Lightning dances wildly, as the Thunder heals Audio* Her pain.
(AC: I’m not really sure what her pain is here. Pain in general? And here we stop talking about WE and start talking about HER (the grandmother))
The colors are Her passions beneath the cotton lining
(AC: Colors being the things/ppl Grandmother loves… I love using bright colors when doing crafts with my son (he’s 3). I think they give life to things. Good representation of colors, passions and life here.)
For She knows the Spirit world, is free and never binding.
(AM: lining/Binding are examples of half rhyme/ final consonants match. Also the line seems like the Grandmother might be looking forward to the Spirit World. Freedom from persecution through Dying?)(KA: This line makes it seem like the grandmother is close to death or at least coming to terms with the fact she may die soon)
Footsteps walk below the soil, Mother Earth PIC* is listening
(AC: Mother Earth is in caps like ‘Spirts’ earlier… again God reference?)
Frost paints the Blanket edges, above the stars are glistening.
Grandmother's Blanket has many stories to tell
(AM: Personification)

The colors have faded, for the years have turned it pale.(AM: Tell/ Pale examples of Syllabic Rhyme. Blanket is used again as a symbol for the Grandmother)
(AC: The “Blanket” was obviously needed and loved a lot… probably like the grandmother)
(KA: Just like the grandmother that made the blanket, it too will change over time)

Comforted by the Oneness, Her head bows down in grace, (AM: Oneness refers to her connection to Mother Nature)
(AC: She’s wearing the blanket and its part of her and she’s praying)

Thanking Great Spirit(AM) for Her Honor in this place.
(AC: This place being… life)


Aleisha C. = AC
Video* AC: I thought reading the other annotation on the page was really intersting. Reading some of Ashley's notes helped clarify questions I had. I think she also included some really wonderful visuals to add to the poem. Overall I think the group annotation was very interesting! I really enjoyed looking not only at our poem, but other annotations people in the class made. AM: This annotation was definitely a process. Aleisha did a beautiful job with her annotation and that helped me to complete mine. I don't particularly love group projects, so this was a challenge.