Ok, so the music did not work on the slide apparently. I am going to try and upload a folder with all of the music i used. The songs i chose were to represent the change in american, starting with colonial music, then to jazz, big band, blues, the temptations, and ending with classic rock born in the USA! hopefully you can open the folder and get an idea on what i tried and do.

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We have had some technical difficulties with making this PP do what we want. In fact, I downloaded a program last night that almost wiped out my ability to boot to my OS but all is well at least with my PC. I turned over the PP with transitions and animations to Ashleigh and Mark on Wednesday. Bless them - they offered to take the rest and add the music and video. Mark did a great job getting things posted but I can see but not hear his music from my end. I don't know if you can from what he posted on Student Lounge but I couldn't see the animations, etc. He has a Mac and I have a PC.

I've posted here what I have. Mark added music that reflects the changes in America - colonial, jazz, rock, etc.

So i tried posting the ad to this page, but apparently the file is too large, so im going to send it to the instructor and try to post it on blackboard

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I guess I am now a part of Prairie! Anyways i think we need to come up with a plan on getting this group assignment done. I think the easiest way is just for all of us to divide the requirements by three in each requirement and just combine the final product. And does anyone know where we are supposed to post our project?
Is this Mark? I asked that question and we are supposed to post it here. I love doing this kind of stuff so I'm happy to do whatever is most helpful. We have the capability to insert files and images so I'm sure we can make it great. We can even do a powerpoint. Do we want to divide or all just throw out whatever we can find and then, choose what appeals to us as a group? We need to decide on a deadline to post what we find and decide how to and who will put it together. We could use chat to figure it out but time is slipping away. If you are comfortable and want me to compile it, I can and send it to you all for final edit. Just let me know. JoyGoup Annotation

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Call To The Four Sacred Winds
By Spirit Wind (Pat Poland)

I call to the East, where the Father ascends
enjambment - continuity of line - continuity of lifeThe sun is often called on as the Father, the ascending obviously rising, and the east is obviously the direction in which the sun rises.  Persona - "I call.. I fly... " shows that this is the narrator of the poem, as well as repitition with this throughout the poem.
to all Mother Earth where life begins.
personification to us, Native Americans literally personified nature Father Moon, Mother Earth
In the Pima story of the Creation, p. 24, "Now the sun was male..." Native Americans saw the sun as the father of life. Also in this story the mother is depicted as the moon, however, she does go to the earth to have the baby- coyote - showing that all life does begin on Earth
I fly through the cedars, pines, willows, and birch
begins a natural tradtitional poetic feel, rhythmDescribing the wooded East, being from New England I instantly think of North East.
as animals below me wander and search.
feeling of freedom, one with nature
This is meant to show the forest where nature is so abundant; there is shelter, food and water here.

I call to the South, to the land down below.
stands silent
as man
his bow
(Alliteration) (The turtle has many symbols including the earth. Recall the Iroquois Creation story.)
to hunt
fur for
his kin before
(Alliteration)Natives used all of their kill, the bones, furs for warmth and obviously meat for food, they would feed and clothe their families through the winter with the animals they killed prior to.additional alliteration wtih South and snow, enjambment
A life will end so others will grow.
one with the earth, recyling of nature, animismThis is a concept that Native Americans understood and were grateful of, however, we have grown to take and take and take and not be thankful for where things come from. Not grateful for the end of their life to prolong and create growth in ours.

I call to the North, that yansa once knew.
Yansa is buffalo in Cherokee. Photo-Yansa the goddess of the wind
I follow their path til it disappears from view.
There were none left.
This is beautiful imagery, one can imagine walking on a path and it suddenly being gone from sight and not having a something to follow.
Once vast in number, there stand but a few.
Once there were many buffalo, white men came and killed them off
only ghost thunder of millions of
Native Americans were very in touch with their spiritual sides...
imagery, alliteration with hear and hooves.
Buffalo White men would defeat native tribes by discouraging them and killing off the buffalo which was in their land of the plains.

I call to the West, to the ends of the lands,
to the Tsalagi, Kiowa, Comanche ... all bands.
Kaz ~;
Unite for the strength. Teach the young and demand
Switch from the expected rhyme. Period after strength for impact and then enjambment to continue the admonitions.Although they are people of different tribes, they are still one Nation, and must join together to preserve their mainly united and common beliefs.
Enjambment - The tribes are being killed off like a species being wiped off the map from over-hunting, like the buffalo. They must stand together as one nation and fight for their race.
that you are Native Americans. Learn your tongue and stand.
Pride - “First Nation” - unityIt's very empowering to think all Native American tribes would band together to maintain tradition and continue the teachings of their cultures.
My name is Freedom... I fly through this land.
Freedom is what Americans have always been fighting for. We have always been taught that Freedom isn't free, it is something that you must fight to have and to keep. Here it is personified and made to be a spirit or a bird, a true symbol of freedom.
I call to the Four Sacred Winds of Turtle Island.
Photo-Turtle Island- Native Americans called North America Turtle island.Turtle_Island_Use4.pngThe rhythm and form are broken for impact. Land and Island break with a real rhyme for the same reason. Freedom theme is personified.The first stanza’s rhyme is different from the other four line stanzas and within them are slight variations with singular and plural (stanzas 3 and 4).Repetition with “I call”
Joy Turle SymbolsimJoy SymbolismJoy Native American StorytellingJoy Native American Wind VideoJoyTeaching of the TurlesJoy Native American ArtistI think that the way I might read this poem aloud without having heard some of the storytellers in videos would be very different from the Native American. I think the reading would be slower and more deliberate. Hearing the storytellers reminding me of the respect for and meaning in nature the Native American's tone would reveal. This poem would have a touch of sadness of the disappearance of the buffalo and a call of pride for unification.The intent of this poem is to unite all living Native Americans to fight for their race, to stand up against the power of the white men. To show that they cannot be defeated so easily even though the white men came and killed their food and their people, they still will not succumb to their ways of life.I feel as thought this poem gives a feel of desperation to hold on to what little is left of their Nation. They no longer have the land or any physical aspects of their life as the buffalo. They do however still have their pride and what they believe in and there is no way someone can take that away from them, unless they willingly give it up or forget where they are from. The last stanza and couplet is telling the young generation not to lose who they are, and their parents generation to remind them where they're from and what their heritage means in terms of the US and them.