Prompt: Select a few lines from a specific piece of Revolutionary War literature -lines that you find particularly memorable or inspiring.
Write an essay in which you identify the line or the passage, explain it's relationship to the work in which it is found, and analyze the reasons for it's effectiveness.

The passage i chose to write about comes from An ode on the Birth day of the illustrious Geroge Washington, President of the United States. It sounds like a piece that would be as fun to read as having wooden teeth,
but surprisingly it was inspiring and it speaks of true leadership and it should move us in the direction of picking quality leaders for our government. The passage i chose to highlight that speaks ever so gently of the qualities that George
Washington had, "What noble qualities enrich his mind; his ardent zeal his policy refine'd, his watchfulness and care-when e/er his country needs a faithful guard, no dire event can find him unprepar'd".

It speaks so true of a man in leadership that can make solid, calm, rational decisions. Even in the heat of struggles and new governments, he can stand still and strong as a role model for the people of his nation. How then if this was so important
in the beginnings formation of our country, do we chose a president of leaders in government now? Do we choose a leader because we are sick of the one in office? Do we vote one over another because we are sick of old men running Washington? Do we vote in a president because he makes interesting appearances on popular television shows? How did we get from a point where the American people voted for leaders who were stoic and wise, to voting for whomever has the better campaign commercial?